Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Magenta - Frances Kane

Frances Kane grew up with Wally West, who started his superhero career as Kid Flash and in adulthood adopted the mantle of the third Flash. Frances was out driving with her brother and father when her magnetic powers kicked in and their car went over a cliff. Dad and brother were killed but Frances survived unharmed, making her mother think she was a demon or something. Frances later learned to manage her magnetic powers and for a time joined the Teen Titans and reignited the crush she had on Wally. They had a fling but she turned out to be a bit emotionally conflicted over the whole thing and has sort of dropped in and out of his life. She's also turned to the evil side on occassion, apparently not consciously, but that was later in her career. The pictured costume was from her earlier years as a super heroine, named Magenta because it's sort of magnetic sounding - isn't it? The figure is a 90mm metal female figure from Superior Models that required a lot of work. I had to remove all the costume details and the long hair and then used epoxy putty to make the head mask.

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