Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Supergirl Variants

I'm convinced DC Comics never really knew what to do with the original Supergirl. They kept her in Superman's shadow for a long time after she first appeared, being used only as his secret backup. Then when she was known they fiddled around with her. Sometimes her powers would act up. She would take on Superman's villains and come out second best. They tried to make her hip and give her an array of costume choices (comic cover is from Adventure Comics No. 397, September 1970). Then to add insult to injury they killed her off in the Crisis on Infinite earths, implying she wasn't really needed in the DC Universe at all. In my last post I featured a story of Supergirl (and Superboy) Day adventures. I liked the idea of a bunch of girls dressed up as Supergirl on her special day. But I thought when I came to doing some of them I would jazz up the costumes a bit, just like DC had done with the Girl of Steel. The back row of figures are just standard Supergirl figures with heads switched. The front row is a little more experimental, including one from Marvel's Invisible Girl/Woman. This is a group I'll probably add to over time.

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