Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Doctor Light

This character is relatively refreshing because he didn't start life as some petty criminal and developed some kind of powers or equipment to aid in his pursuits. No, Doctor Arthur Light was a bonafide scientist, a physicist, but one who wanted to turn his scientific knowledge into a life of crime. He was working on a device that he hoped would let him see the future, but instead it allowed him access to other planets, including Thanagar, home world of Hawkman and Hawk Girl. He managed to use the device to teleport himself to Thanagar, steal some of their advanced technology and return to earth, where he converted the equipment into devices to use in crime. Hawkman became aware of the theft and came to earth where he defeated Dr. Light and recovered the equipment, but not before the not-so-good doctor had created some crime devices. He could, for example, fire a solid beam of light like a battering ram, create space and dimensional warps, generate convincing optical illusions and even a device that allowed him to walk on light. But ultimately to no avail. He came up against the Justice League and was defeated. He fought individual members of the League and was defeated. He even fought the Teen Titans and was defeated. Finally he just packed it in as a bad idea and gave up his life of crime. See - not so dumb after all. The figure was made using the body of a Toy Biz Silver Surfer, the legs from a Daredevil, the arms from a Captain America and a head from I'm not sure who. I created the wing on top of his head from plastic sheet but most of the detail on his belt was painted on. I used T-shirt material for the cape. Wish I could remember who the head was from - it's a really good head.

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