Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wonder Girl

Talk about a kid with a lousy start in life. Father dead, mother dying gives her up at an orphanage, foster father dies, foster mother gives her up, a baby broker tries to sell her, fire kills care-givers! Wow!! If anyone knew this kid's history they'd go nowhere near her. But Wonder Woman stumbles upon the girl and takes her to Paradise Island where she's raised and trained as an Amazon princess. When she becomes a young adult she re-enters our world and joins the Teen Titans as Wonder Girl, adopting the secret identity of Donna Troy. Several versions of Wonder Girl have been done as action figures and she has changed superheroine identities over the years, but a good first edition Wonder Girl costume seemed to be lacking - so, with my usual aplomb, I lept into the breach and made one. This was a rather difficult conversion. I used a Prisoner Princess Leia figure, removing the skirt and filling in holes, removing costume detail, resculpting the hair and pony-tail before painting appropriately. I really like the way it came out and it remains one of my favorite conversions.

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