Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Princess Yasmini

Wonder Woman is visiting the zoo with a couple of kids and they tell her about a talking lion. Despite her incredulity she investigates, leading her to Cairo, Egypt and the lair of the Hindu Princess Yasmini. Turns out the lion talking was a radio transmitter in the poor creature's intestinal tract giving instructions for a nest of spies. Princess Yasmini is the ring-leader and she tries to put the moves on Steve Trevor, WW's main squeeze, so needless to say the battling Amazon steps in to bring an end to the ring. Wonder Woman would have taken the Princess captive but she swallows poison in the end of the story so I guess justice is thwarted. The figure is an El Viejo Dragon Girl 90mm figure called the Indian Dancer. I had been looking for something I could use for Princess Yasmini and then I saw this and liked the look of her. She's my Princess Yasmini at least. I mounted her on a base and painted her rather like the outfit she was wearing in the story.

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