Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Black Hood Villain - Needlenoodle

I stumbled across this character the other day and it was like the little light bulb went on over my head. Finally, something to do with a Coneheads head! OK, let me explain that I had liked the black uniforms the Coneheads characters had worn in the movie of the same name. I removed the heads and replaced them with others and incorporated them into my collection as aliens - maybe I'll cover them at a later date. But it left me with Coneheads heads that I didn't have any obvious use for - but being a veteran customizer I held onto them anyway. Then I stumbled across Needlenoodle (remember I don't make these things up), a villain who battled MLJ's (Archie Comics) Black Hood. In fact, in the story it was Needlenoodle who unmasked the Black Hood's secret identity as Kip Burland and "outed" him. As a result Kip gave up his police officer identity and went into business for himself as a private detective. So, despite the stupid name and pointy head Needlenoodle was clearly an important character in the Black Hood's continuity and career. OK, that's just an excuse to use the Conehead's head, which I glued to a Playmates Star Trek: The Next Generation Picard as Dixon Hill body. Voila - instant Needlenoodle. I love it when things come together.

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