Monday, June 13, 2011

Rae Dawn Chong

Another person I met at Motor City Comic Con was Tommy Chong's daughter Rae Dawn. She has been around a long time (born February 28, 1961), but made her film debut in Quest for Fire in 1981. I rather liked that movie, where she plays the girl from the more advanced tribe that helps out the less advanced guys who are trying to find fire for their tribe. She not only shows them how to actually make fire, but, when the guy wants to bend her over and do it doggy, she actually shows him how much fun they can have face to face. Although you couldn't understand any of the tribal languages I always figured when they came back to the tribe the leader proclaimed, "Look, we have brought you fire and, oh yes, the missionary position." Ya think?? Anyway, Rae Dawn has had a pretty solid career over the years, appearing in such movies as Commando with Arnold Schwarzenegger - who can forget her firing the rocket launcher at the prison van - The Color Purple and Boulevard. I thought it was funny that in Boulevard she gets deported from Canada when in reality she was born and raised in Canada - not sure what her citizenship is now. She turned out to be very chatty and friendly and she has an infectuous smile that really lights up her face and everyone around her. Very nice lady and one of the highlights of my trip to Motor City.

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