Saturday, June 25, 2011

Green Lantern Corps - Jeryll

Jeryll of the planet Glirell was a Green Lantern and responsible for Space Sector 55. She appeared in Green Lantern Comics #152 and #153, from May and June 1982, respectively. Her home planet of Glirell was home to a pacifistic race of humanoids who abhorred violence. Jeryll came into conflict with the ruling council of her planet over an incident where she had inadvertently injured a citizen who was himself committing a robbery. However, when their world was attacked by Drelite Slaver Ships, in violation of an ages-long treaty, and Jeryll feared to act, the people took up arms in their own defense and the council relented. However, although sanctioned to act Jeryll found that she revelled in the act of destroying the slaver fleet, discovering a level of violence in her soul that she had not previously believed she was capable of. Thus, even over the protests of the Glirell council, she abandoned her home world to seek her place out in the universe. The story actually struck home with me on a couple of levels so I liked the character. As for the action figure, I used a Toy Biz Spider-Woman figure and painted it accordingly. As with most of my Green Lantern projects the symbol on the chest is the most challenging part of the project.

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