Saturday, June 4, 2011

Silver Age Villain - Ant-Man

I'm featuring a Batman - or more specifically - a Robin villain today. From the pages of Batman #156, June 1963 that I found reprinted in Giant Size Batman #185, October 1966 comes the hero/villain Ant-Man. Batman is off on a secret mission and Robin is soloing when he is helped foiling a money heist by a six-inch tall costumed hero calling himself Ant-Man. Having read of a professor's size reducing experiments, Robin at first believes this might be Batman disguised and shrunken for some reason. But when they foil a jewelry heist together only to have Ant-Man abscond with the ice Robin suddenly realizes he's up against a crook after all. Luring the pint-sized crook into a trap, Robin makes "short" work of Ant-Man's life of crime. As with a couple of other short guy projects I used a Superior Models 25mm (one inch) metal Captain Crusher figure, filing off some of the costume detail and attaching antennae and using epoxy putty to give him the bulging eyes.

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