Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Green Lantern - Rond Vidar

As a citizen of earth in the 30th Century Rond Vidar was a future Green Lantern who periodically operated with the Legion of Superheroes. Initially his father, Vidar (later Universo), was a Green Lantern, but he was drummed out of the Corps after coming into conflict with the Legion. Rond, who was a researcher at Metropolis University's Time Institute, assisted the Legion in capturing his own father. In appreciation the Guardians of the Universe bestowed a ring and power battery on Rond, but he needed to be discrete because the United Planets (earth government) had placed a ban on Green Lanterns. Thus Rond mostly operated in secret. One of the reasons I wanted to highlight this character for customizers is because it shows why I only use acrylic paints now. Rond was an early custom figure effort and if you look closely you can see that the right arm and legs have red bleeding through the white paint. I had used a Mattel Secret Wars Daredevil figure, which has softer plastic on the arms and legs than it does on the body. The white enamel paint I used doesn't do very well on the softer plastics, so it allows the figure color to bleed through and it remains a little tacky, even though it was done years ago. As for the head - I got it from a Starting Lineup sports figure, although I don't remember which one. This one is another candidate for a redo in the future.

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