Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Green Lantern - Adam

Yesterday I said I might feature some of my Green Lantern conversions at a future date, which just happens to be today. This was a rather clever idea (presented in Green Lantern Corps Quarterly No. 5, Summer 1993), I thought, for an unusual alien character. On the outside it appears quite humanoid, but with an entire species consisting of only one entity. In order for the race to perpetuate itself the adult had to plunge itself into a volcano, from which a male baby would emerge as the next generation. Needless to say this made it difficult for the entity to pass along information from one generation to the next. Then it was discovered by the Guardians of the Universe, who gave the entity a power battery and ring. The ring would serve as nursemaid, protector and educator of each generation of the entity, who now patrolled Space Sector 1055, when he wasn't in diapers. When I was doing the conversion I used an Ultimate Warrior wrestling figure, Dremeling off the outfit detail, and there was quite a lot of it, and painting it with gloss acrylic paints because in the pictures the costume looked shiny to me. The baby I stumbled across in a pack of three or four babies that was about the right size as Adam the younger. So, in a way, I have twice as many figures of the species than actually exist at any one time. Too cute.

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