Monday, June 27, 2011

Green Lantern of Penelo

As the story goes (as recounted in Green Lantern No. 160, January 1983), the Green Lantern of Penelos (maybe named Penelops, although it's not mentioned in the story), discovers his world is threatened by the increased heat output of its sun. Thinking this might be a natural phenomena the Green Lantern goes to investigate and finds that an alien spaceship is firing some kind of beam into the sun, creating the warming effect. When he confronts the humanoids who are performing this act he is informed that their own planet is dying and they want to relocate to the second planet in the system, but its too cool for their liking so they decided to warm it up. Penelo is the planet closest to the sun so, by warming the sun they have spelled the doom of the Green Lantern's home world. Whatever the humanoids have done cannot be reversed so Green Lantern, exercising an incredible willpower, moves his own planet into another, safer orbit, thus saving his race. In one of the many lists I've found they called the Green Lantern from Penelo by the name of Penelops and he did appear in a couple of other stories over the years. Basically a giant eye with tentacles, I found an action figure (not sure of identity) that had an eye for a head and used it as the basis for this character. I mounted it onto a base and then cut pieces of plastic sprue from a plastic model kit and heated them so I could manipulate their curve and sharpened the tips. One of those in the front I stuck up in the air as if that were the one with the power ring. Then I glued them to the bottom of the eye and painted them all green. Overall not a bad effect, if I do say so myself.

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