Thursday, June 2, 2011

Golden Age Villain - Funnyface

Originally presented in Superman #19, November-December 1942, I discovered the story of Funnyface in an 80-page Giant reprint Superman #183, January 1966. As far as I know this was his only appearance, and it starts off innocently enough with Clark Kent and Lois Lane admiring some of their favorite newspaper comic strips. All of a sudden reports start coming in from all over Metropolis that the villains from these comic strips are coming to life in gigantic form and raiding the city of loot. Superman springs into action but he seems unable to touch the giant apparitions. Additionally, a disembodied yellow balloon calling himself Funnyface appears taunting the man of steel, then pops out of existence. However, when Lois gets kidnapped by Funnyface she manages to leave a clue to where she's been taken and Superman streaks to the rescue. Funnyface sends the comic strip villains against him but Lois manages to unloose the strip heroes and they not only subdue their villains but also Funnyface himself. When he's unmasked the man known as Funnyface turns out to be a disgruntled comic book creator, but no one would buy his strips so he put his dimensional experimentation to good use to make the comic strip characters come to life. Oh, sure, a comic artist who dabbles in dimensional experiments - remember folks I don't make this up I just report it. I also thought it was kind of neat that a rejected comic creator would get his revenge that way. At any rate, when I came to create Funnyface I used the body from a Raiders of the Lost Ark Toht figure, which I painted orange, and mounted an acrylic ball the right size on top, which I painted yellow and then freehand drew the face on.

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