Thursday, June 30, 2011

Green Lanterns - John Stewart & Katma Tui

I haven't done a lot of married couples in my blog but I thought this would be a nice opportunity since I'm featuring a boat-load of Green Lanterns. Katma Tui had been in the Corps for a while, having replaced Sinestro when he turned to the dark side or whatever. She was from his home planet of Korugar, hence the red skin, and was the GL for Space Sector 1417. She had worked with Hal Jordan for a while in the past. Then Hal decided (one of the several times I think) that he was leaving the Corps and his replacement became John Stewart of earth, who had wielded the ring of power on a part time basis in the past. Of course Hal came back but John retained his own ring and fought alongside Hal and Katma and the rest of the Corps. At some point John and Katma fell in love and were eventually married, although she ends up getting killed - you know it's never a good idea to get involved with someone from work, especially if that work is acting as an intergalactic police officer. I sort of stopped following the story lines at that point so I don't know what became of John or if they ever raised Katma from the dead, which happens a lot in comic books. As for the action figures, John was made using a Super Powers Collection Green Lantern figure to which I attached the head from a Congo Monroe figure. Katma was made from a Toy Biz Invisible Girl. The green lantern accessories were from Super Powers Collection figures.

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