Thursday, February 2, 2012

Black Commando

In the AC Universe Dan Barton, the Black Commando, was a U.S. operative during World War II. He was linked to both Laura Wright (who later became the Blue Bulleteer and later Nightveil), and Joan Wayne, the WWII version of Miss Victory. During a mission the Commando elected to take some of the V-45 formula that was suppose to give people super strength. Well, that part of the formula worked, but within two weeks it also drove the Commando half mad and incredibly paranoid. So much so that he had to be placed in cryogenic suspension (I wonder if they even knew the word cryogenic back then) and spent the next 40 years in the deep freeze. Laura took on the Blue Bulleteer identity as a tribute to Barton, whom she believed to have died in the "line of duty" and later she became Nightveil. Thinking about Barton one day the supremely powerful magic user managed to thaw him out without knowing it. Still super strong and now pretty upset, the Black Commando went on e hunt to find and seek revenge against all the people who were responsible for turning him into a pop sickle. The figure I used was a Toy Biz Daredevil with the head from a Captain America. I placed a holster on his right hip from a Jurassic Park Muldoon and a knife on his left hip, but I don't remember from what figure. He seemed to carry a mix of equipment and I liked fitting him with a knife.

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