Friday, February 10, 2012

Black Diamond and Sybil Danning

Back in 1983 AC Comics produced a comic with the logo, Sybil Danning is Black Diamond. Supposedly there was a movie in the works starring Sybil by that name, creating a character from whole cloth, described as a cross between Modesty Blaise and James Bond. Inside the front cover it was said, "based on the forthcoming motion picture," but I can find no evidence that the movie was actually made or, if it was, was ever released. Maybe it will show up on DVD some day. I actually met Sybil but didn't think to ask her at the time - I know, what good am I? Anyway, the Black Diamond comic series ran for four issues and they were all pretty good. She was really Tiana Mathews, who used the glamorous world of high fashion modeling as a cover for her more covert enterprises - why couldn't I get a job like that? Highly skilled with all manner of weapons, she works to uncover the bad guys and work for the betterment of mankind - yeah, right, I've always believed that was what high fashion models were really doing. The figure was a Toy Biz Jean Grey, appropriately repainted.

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