Sunday, February 19, 2012

The New and Improved Blackhawks

The Blackhawks have been "reinvented" a couple of times over the decades. I've presented my version of the original team and then the 1960's red and olive outfits so now it's the 1970's version - updated and modern. This time around they are more mercenaries with hearts of sort of tarnished gold (does gold actually tarnish?). On top of that they're using an aircraft manufacturing company called Cunningham Aircraft as a front with Blackhawk being Mr. Cunningham, Stanislaus as the chief financial officer, Chuck as the chief mechanic, Chopper (used to be Chop Chop, remember?), as the chief test pilot, Hendrickson as the keeper of the watch on Blackhawk Island, Andre is a man of leisure in Paris and Olaf is a ski instructor at a "European Ski Resort." When things (read jobs) come up the team assembles and off they go on their on their real job (yeah, manufacturing high priced aircraft as a side job - I can dig it). The series ran from issue #244 to #250 and it was really rather enjoyable. The uniforms were sort of steel-men meets space rangers, slashed to the waist the way they were. I used various GI Joe parts and heads to make the new team.

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