Thursday, February 23, 2012

Out of the Asylum - The Purple Claw

I've mentioned in some of the past posts with AC Comics and other characters about how some (make that a boat load) of the Golden Age superheroes were frozen in suspended animation or cryo freeze or some such and then revived in modern times. AC Comics has done it and so has Dynamite. With AC the catalyst was the Weir Asylum where Doctor Jonathan Weir kept the heroes in a suspended state with a mix of technology and the magic of the Purple Claw. Apparently the doctor was presented with the claw by a grateful African witch doctor (he doesn't say what the guy was so grateful about). All the heroes agreed that their services weren't really needed right after World War II so they elected to be "suspended" until such time that they were "called" back to go into action once more. You can see a few of the sleepers in their vaults in the background. As for the Jonathan Weir figure, I used the body of an Animated Batman Two-Face and the head from a Star Trek "Q" and then epoxy putty to sculpt the Purple Claw. Dr. Weir has a streak of white in the center of his hair - not sure why - but it actually looks different from streaks of white along the temples.

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