Wednesday, February 29, 2012

John Targitt - Man-Stalker

From the early, and very short-lived, pages of Atlas comics comes one of my early custom action figure creations. Atlas was a comics company that came along in the mid-1970's and never seemed to find an audience. Maybe because they seemed to bounce around a lot. Anyway, John Targitt was an FBI agent (aren't they man-stalkers by definition?) who's wife and daughter are killed when a passenger jet is blown up to kill a mob boss. The first issue is all about drugs and mobs and people blowing each other away and John never dons the spandex (did they have spandex in the 1970's?). He adopts the costume by issue two and by issue three he's fighting the maniacal Professor Death and his doom skulls (basically nerve gas bombs), so he's stepping outside the standard mob story lines. Just as Targitt was getting interesting Atlas closed up shop. As for the figure, I attached a Toy Biz Spider-Man head to a Daredevil body, which was already colored red. That meant that I didn't have to paint the boots, gloves or belt. I don't think I've done that since.

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