Monday, February 6, 2012

Orbiting Space Station

Now and then, in the course of exercising (or is that exorcising?) the length and breadth of my imaginary realms I find I need to produce something a little exotic and out of the norm. For example, I needed a space station for some hypothetical advanced earth people. I started digging through my plastic parts boxes and found a piece here and another piece there, and I test fitted them together and before long I had come up with what I considered to be a sort of late 1950's take on what an orbiting habitat should be like. The picture on right shows the main dome of the station, with antenna of various sorts in the array cluster. The dome started out clear but I painted it white. Then you can see the long body of the station with the shield and just poking its head out the back is the nuclear reactor. Then in the left hand shot you get a better look at the reactor on the aft end, then beneath the dome section there are the thrusters to keep the station rotating, thus creating artificial gravity, and the storage containers, which would hold the supplies required by the station. I had used parts of different colors and had planned on painting it a uniform color after I was done. After I finished putting it together and mounting it on the base I had second thoughts and decided why be bland. The colors went together fairly well and made it rather distinctive. So there you have it! My take on an orbiting space station circa someone's early space adventure.

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