Saturday, February 4, 2012

Harry Diamond - Resident PI

Most of the comic book companies have their resident newspaper reports and editors and also their resident private detectives. AC Comics is no exception. Harry Diamond is the resident private dick at AC. In Captain Paragon #1, December 1983, the good captain hires him for a particularly onerous task - to find out who Captain Paragon really is since he was in suspended animation for 30 years. That's just one time Harry shows up in the pages of Femforce and its companion comics. He's the honest, forthright, tough-as-nails PI we've mostly all come to admire over the years, although I thought in real life they all chased around trying to get incriminating pictures of spouses in the act of cheating. Guess Harry gets the better cases. For the figure I coupled a Toy Biz Peter Parker body with the head from a Fantastic Four Reed Richards. Quick and simple - I'm sure Harry would have approved.

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