Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Femforce Enemy - Alizarin Crimson

I'm really not sure where Alizarin Crimson came from but I can be pretty sure of where she's going - straight to Hell!!! She is the arch enemy of Nightveil in the AC Comics universe. I'm not certain she's as powerful as Nightveil, but what she may not have in power she certainly can make up for in trickery and theft. In one story-line she steals Nightveil's cloak and imprisons her and some of the rest of Femforce before one of the other members manages to break Nightveil out of her entrancement. When that happens Nightveil turns the tide on Crimson pretty quickly. She reminds me of the sneaky kid at school who creeps around trying to steal everybody else's lunches. Doesn't leave a footprint but you know when your peanut butter and jelly is missing. I used a Toy Biz Jean Grey figure for Alizarin, removing the hair and then giving her the big bun with epoxy putty. I liked that particular Jean Grey figure because there's a certain air of barely-contained angst in the face and the posture.

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