Monday, July 16, 2012


Sometimes as I'm reading a comic I find a character that catches my attention and I decide to do a figure of him, her or it. In this case I was reading World's Finest No. 163 from December 1966 about this bad guy named Jemphis who kidnaps superheroes, hypnotizes them and then sets them against each other in gladiatorial-like games. Of course Superman and Batman manage to break free of the programming and lead the revolt of Superheroes to overthrow the bad guy. One of the extraterrestrial superheroes was a guy named Aeroman and I rather liked his look. In one part Superman (who was robbed of his superpowers) uses an Aeroman jetpack. So when I did the figure I found a jetpack to use on him. Otherwise I used a Toy Biz Daredevil body and head coupled with a Silver Surfer arms and legs for Aeroman. Next time I'm going to feature another character from the same issue.

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