Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Zardin the Boy Marvel

This will be a brief post since I set up the story details yesterday in the post on Aeroman, so refer there for background. At the end of the story we are introduced to a number of the different heroes from other planets, most of whom appear very humanoid. Superman and Batman see a familiar shape appearing out of shadow and low and behold, they see, as Superman says, "A dead ringer for earth's Boy Wonder." But he is instead, Zardin, the Boy Marvel from the planet Nangar. Obviously there were only minor modifications required to a Toy Biz Robin figure, but for the symbol on his left chest I used a hole punch on yellow paper, then freehand drew the symbol. I also modified the mask with a little up-stroke on the outside edges. It was simple but fun to add another character to my collection.

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