Friday, July 27, 2012


A new hero has appeared in Metropolis coincident with the creation of the Club of Heroes, with masked vigilantes from all over the world descending on the city to vie for the honor of being leader of the club (World's Finest No. 89, July-August 1957). At the same time Superman is experiencing blackouts and a new hero is appearing who calls himself Lightning-Man and seems to have similar powers as the Man-of-Steel. These blackouts happen at the same time each day, leading Batman to suspect what is causing them. Sure enough, it turns out that when Superman had disposed of a large Krytonite asteroid heading for earth by launching a large rock at it and knocking it back into space, a small chunk of the deadly mineral broke off and went into orbit around the earth. Each day its radiations caused Superman's blackouts, but he was hero enough to still want to do good so he created an entirely different persona for himself (Lightning-Man) and went into action anyway, not remembering what he had done after the events. Whew - have you got all that??? Anyway, in the end when all is revealed Superman is voted leader of the Club of Heroes, for stamina is nothing else. I had remembered reading the comic in my youth and always liked the Lightning-Man costume so I decided to do a figure of him. I used a Toy Biz Silver Surfer body and the arms, legs and head from a Daredevil figure along with a cape made from T-shirt material.

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