Saturday, July 14, 2012

Batman of Planet-X

So Batman wakes up early one morning and decides to take the Batplane out for a solo flight. All of a sudden he fades out and finds himself in an alien Batcave - quite literally. Turns out he's been teleported to the plant Zur-En-Arrh by that planet's own Batman, a fellow named Tlano, who has been observing earth's Batman and has styled himself after the caped crusader. Although his planet is far more advanced than earth scientifically, they are about to be invaded by an alien race and Tlano has teleported Batman because earth people on his planet have super powers just like Superman. The pair of Batmen battle the alien invaders and send them slinking back to their own planet with their tails between their legs - OK, actually they didn't have tails, just antenna. I liked the look of Tlano Batman and used one of the Animated Batman figures as the base. He had a plastic cape so I just painted it the right color, but had to change the bat symbol on his chest and belt buckle. I also added the red frill of costume at his shoulders with T-shirt material.


  1. I actually had the comic when I was a kid so when I rediscovered the character I wanted to create a figure of him. Some of those "rediscoveries" are the most fun.