Sunday, July 22, 2012

Superman Revenge Squad

Yesterday I posted the Batman Revenge Squad so I'm following up today with the Superman Revenge Squad. Unlike the anti-Batman squad, these guys are humanoid aliens from other planets. They have been monitoring earth from their orbiting spaceship, waiting for an opportunity to strike against their great foe Superman. Now I'm not quite certain why Superman doesn't just look up in the sky with one of those super-visions of his and nab these bad boys, but apparently he doesn't. The Anti-Superman guys happen to spy the inaugural meeting of the Batman Revenge Squad and decide to team up with them so that they can secretly plant explosives that will kill the man of steel and the dark knight in their secret lairs - the Fortress of Solitude and the Batcave. Of course they are foiled in the end and are taken to an appropriate prison - earth-bound for the Anti-Batman guys and a space prison for the anti-Superman crowd. As for the figures, I used two Superpowers Collection Superman figures and two Toy Biz Superman figures for the conversions. The biggest problem was finding enough bald heads. These consisted, left to right, of Professor X, Gideon, Luthor and the Rankor Trainer from Star Wars. The "S" symbols were painted in Kryptonite green.

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