Thursday, July 12, 2012

The First Aquagirl

Originally published in Adventure Comics #266 (Nov. 1959), this is the story of Lisa Morel who, when she spots Aquaman trapped by a giant clam, leaps into the ocean and finds she can breath under water. Giant clam? Sounds like Venus on the half-shell, doesn't it? Anyway, turns out Lisa is really a reject from the sunken city of Atlantis. Turns out over the centuries when some babies were born in the domed underwater city of Atlantis they were unable to breath under water so they were sent to the surface in a protected boat. Lisa was one of these and, I guess when her adrenalin kicked in when she saw Aquaman in danger she just went all Atlantian. But later her powers went away again and she reverted to non-Atlantian. So how could you tell one of these Atlantian cast-off's? They have purple eyes. Didn't Elizabeth Taylor have purple eyes? Do you think she could have been??? Anyway, I used a Toy Biz Dagger body and the head from a Psylocke for the Aquagirl figure, mostly because the hair looked sort of water-blown.

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