Sunday, July 15, 2012

Nightman - Superman's New Partner

There's a new hero in town and he's competing with Batman to be Superman's World's Finest partner (in World's Finest No. 163, December 1966). It's on the teams 1,000th case together and this interloper shows up when Batman's not on the scene and going further to solving the case. Batman seems to be on the ropes; he's exhausted and falling asleep at night while the Nightman is out working with Superman. In the end Batman wants to have it out with Nightman and the two duke it out, but Batman ends up on the floor. Can it be? Is there a new sheriff in town? Turns out the whole thing was sort of friendly practical joke on Superman's part. He hypnotized Batman into creating the Nightman identity and when he fell asleep at night he got back up and changed into the Nightman togs and went back to work - no wonder he was tired. In the end Batman figured out the whole thing and dressed his robot up in the Nightman costume, which is how they had their fight. All's well that ends well and everyone had a good laugh. I took a Batman figure and built up the "batears" with putty, removed some of the belt detail and repainted him. The cape is from T-shirt material.

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