Thursday, July 26, 2012

Superman as Nova

Yesterday I ran a post about Superman losing his super powers and adopting another costumed identity. It wasn't the only time he did that! In World's Finest #178, September 1968 on a space mission Supes gets slimed by an alien defense system and loses his superpowers. Unwilling to give up his costumed vigilante second job, he adopts the identity of Nova, with a cape that helps him glide rather than fly and which is also strong enough to restrain an opponent and has little jets that shoot knock-out gas. Of course he eventually gets his powers back, but it was kind of entertaining to see him struggle with bad guys without his superpowers. He even pulls his punches when hitting bad guys because he's conditioned himself to do that with his superpowers but it just means he's punching like a pansy boy. To make Nova I used the body from a Toy Biz Daredevil and the arms, legs and head from a Silver Surfer. The cape was from a Dr. Doom figure.

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  1. Hoje eu lembrei desta historia e busquei informaƧoes. Um agrata surpresa. Excelente post.