Thursday, July 19, 2012

Anti-Superman and Anti-Batman

When Superman and Batman agree to give Perry White and Commissioner Gordon a tour of the Fortress of Solitude and the Batcave all seems well and they are quite appreciative. However, shortly thereafter two new criminals appear on the scene-the Anti-Superman and Anti-Batman. The Anti-Superman has the superpowers and he makes an Anti-Mobile for his non-powered counterpart. They begin to give the World's Finest team a hard time, with Anti-Superman even chasing Superman around with Gold-Kryptonite, which would take the man of steel's powers away permanently. Throughout their encounters it becomes clear to Batman that, while the two Anti's have a good deal of insight into their technology and mode of operations, there were important things they did not know. Turns out the Anti's were Perry White (Anti-Superman) and Commissioner Gordon (Anti-Batman). While in the Fortress they had been exposed to Formula X-22, which turns good people bad (now why would you even have something like that?) and a serum to make them young again, making them young bad guys. They also use a ray that gives Perry superpowers but it needs recharging so they don't have time to use it on Gordon. Everything is sorted out in the end and the editor and commissioner are returned to their older, more law abiding selves. I used a Toy Biz Batman for Anti-Batman and painted the black cape green. I would never do that again and would use some green T-shirt cloth, but this was an early conversion and we learn as we go along. Anti-Superman used a Toy Biz Superman body with the head from a Captain America. This time I dyed the cape to make it darker. I might use that technique again because the effect worked very well.

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