Saturday, July 21, 2012

Batman Revenge Squad

While Batman is a hero he also has enemies. He has lots of enemies. In fact over the years his enemies have been legion. Four of those bad guys have a grudge to work out so they form the Batman Revenge Squad in order to get even with Batman for putting them away for their crimes. As featured in World's Finest No. 175, May 1968, the Batman Revenge Squad join forces - sort of - with the Superman Revenge Squad (more on them in a future post), although there seems to be a lot of bickering, and try to destroy both Batman and Superman. They don't succeed-well, duh, what would you expect-but they were pretty interesting so I decided to make them one of my early conversions. They had an interesting logo with a skull with bat wings, which was kind of interesting. I used three Toy Biz Batman figures and one Batman Returns figure. I liked the fact that Toy Biz issued their figures with differently shaped faces. I did the logos freehand and tried to make them as consistent as possible.

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