Saturday, July 2, 2011

Green Lanterns - Tuebeen & Green Man

Today I present a couple of other Green Lanterns that were fairly easy conversions. On the left is Tuebeen from Green Lantern #155, August 1982, who is asked to protect a "Pan-Galactian Traveling Circus & Side Show," which he does successfully. On the right is a GL referred to as the Green Man who, in his first appearance in Green Lantern #164, May 1983 must go to creative lengths to protect a slow moving convoy of space ships from a "leak" between our universe and the anti-matter universe. The Green Man subsequently joined the Omega Men but I'm not too sure what happened to him after that. In the Green Lantern movie they turned him into a frog. For the Tuebeen conversion I used the head from a Crystar figure and joined it to the body of a Super Powers Collection Green Lantern. I painted Crystar's head white and added the mask and eyes, which gave me the crystal effect. As for Green Man, I also used a Super Powers Green Lantern but with the head from a Goomba from the Super Mario Brothers movie. I painted some green dots on his head but didn't give him a mask. Just thought he looked as good without it. Next time I'll show some relatively easy generic GL conversions.

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