Tuesday, July 12, 2011

3 Dysfunctional Kryptonian Outcasts

I'm always amused when I read something about Superman being the last son of Krypton, or the only survivor of the planets destruction because all kinds of Kryptonians have shown up in the comics over the decades. In this instance three Kryptonian brothers crash land on earth in Superman #65, July/August 1950. When Superman confronts them they explain that they had tried to coerce the people of Krypton into making the three of them dictators of the planet but were thwarted by Jor-El, head of the ruling science council. Because they didn't have the death penalty on Krypton (nor apparently any prisons) Jor-El placed the three in suspended animation and sent them into space in a rocket. The three are, from left to right, Kizo, U-Ban and Mala and once they realize Superman is the son of their nemesis they vow to defeat him and take over the earth (I guess it didn't really matter to them which planet they took over-maybe we should have let them have Jupiter). In order to decide the fate of earth Superman fights a titanic battle with the three but it ends in a draw, with all four beaten and exhausted. Superman uses super ventriloquism (bet you didn't know that was on his list of super powers, now did you?) to start a fight between the combative brothers and the three beat the crap out of each other. Meanwhile, Superman duplicates his fathers formula for suspended animation and builds a similar rocketship in which he says goodbye to the evil brothers. But I think they came back in a subsequent story. As for the action figures, I had a number of body parts from Toy Biz Captain Americas and arms and legs from Daredevil figures on hand from other conversions so I used those for the bodies. The heads were a Shadow Lamont Cranston, an X-Men Kane and a Superman. I liked that they all had a little different costumes.

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