Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lady Blackhawk as Mermaid

OK, I screwed up a little bit yesterday when I said that Lady Blackhawk was turned evil by Killer Shark and after that became a mermaid. I should have checked before I said that. Turns out she turned into a mermaid back in Blackhawk #170, March 1962, but I was right that Killer Shark was involved. Story goes that Killer Shark discovered a volcano giving off fumes that turned sea creatures into sea monsters. Zinda was exposed to the fumes and emerged as a mermaid. In that form she helped the Blackhawks shut down the volcano and discover the Shark's secret lair. At the end the effect of the fumes wore off and Zinda returned to her normal self - although she's not bad as a mermaid either. As for the figure, it is a mermaid (naturally) figure from a company originally called Phoenix and based in England. In recent years it has been marketed under the heading of Phoenix Follies by a French company called Metal Modeles. I painted her as a blond and even used some glitter paint on the rocks so that it looked like they were wet.

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