Monday, July 4, 2011

Patriotic Hero - Puppeteer

I have interrupted by Green Lantern series of blogs in honor of Independence Day in order to present another patriotic superhero from Fox Features Syndicate. The Puppeteer came along late in the war - 1944 - and made a series of appearances in several titles. Some have speculated he was a direct follow on to V-Man, whom I've already featured, but I'm not sure of that. He seems to have super strength and he could fly using a red, white and blue V-beam. Instead of V-Man's V-Boys, the Puppeteer had a pet but sentient raven named Raven who actually looks more like an eagle. When Alan Hale, who works in a puppet shop, hears Beethoven's fifth on a magic piper organ played by Raven he turns into the Puppeteer to battle evil. The figure was made from an animated Superman body and the head from a JLA Superman. I did use a raven to make Raven but basically painted it like an eagle. As for the broken down locker he's sitting on - I figured it would either be something like that or have Raven perched on Puppeteer's head; but then I would have had to paint the droppings oozing down his temples, and that would have been kinda tacky. Hope everyone has a happy 4th of July - whether or not it's a holiday where you live.

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