Thursday, July 28, 2011

Flying CAP

I like to try different things and work "outside the box" sometimes. One thing that came to me recently was to try showing a fighter plane flying CAP, or Combat Air Patrol, over an aircraft carrier. I thought about using a wire type extender for a base, which I have a bunch of, but in the end I decided on a clear plastic stem. I had gotten a lot of these over the years in aircraft and spacecraft kits, although I notice that most of the ones I've gotten recently are black. But I did have a couple clear plastic ones available so I flattened the top of the stem and cut a hole in the deck of a 1:2400 Essex class aircraft carrier, then glued the stem into the carrier and glued a carrier plane on the top. Then I added a few folded wing planes on the flight deck well forward as if they were preparing to commence landing operations. I think the effect is quite striking and unusual. The carrier is from Superior Models while the planes were from GHQ.

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