Monday, July 11, 2011

Batman Villain - Zodiac Master

Zodiac Master started off in Detective Comics #323, January 1964 as an apparently benevolent costumed character. He predicted a couple of disasters, including the crash of a plane which he prevented from taking off, which brought him into conflict with Batman. Turns out he had set up the "disasters" and was really advising criminals on when and where would be best to carry out robberies based on his reading of the stars. He also was able to project the astrological symbols on his costume into three-dimensional weapons to combat his enemies and do his bidding. Of course Bats eventually outwitted him and the dynamic duo brought him to justice. When I was approaching the action figure the biggest issue was the symbols. I used a JLA Atom figure and then had to paint the blue costume and then sketch out the figures and do them freehand. It was actually one of the more challenging artistic endeavors of any of these figures I've done and I was really pleased with the outcome. I love it when a plan comes together.

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