Sunday, July 31, 2011

Earth-32 - Bruce Wayne - Green Lantern

I like DC Comic's Elseworlds series of comics. They're sort of an off-shoot of the so-called "imaginary stories" from my youth, a lot of which revolved around Superman. Let's be clear on our terms - all imaginary story really means is that it's outside the normal continuity of the character - after all, they're all imaginary stories when you really get down to it. This particular story is from "Batman: In Darkest Night" and begins as Bruce Wayne is beginning his crusade to honor his parent's memories by adopting a crime-fighting persona. As it turns out Green Lantern Abin Sur picks that particular moment to crash land in Bruce's backyard and, since he happens to be dying, selects Bruce, rather than Hal Jordan, as his replacement. Bruce adopts a unique combination of Green Lantern and the Batman uniform and starts fighting crime, calling himself Green Lantern. His first outing brings him into contact with Commissioner Jim Gordon, who is instantly not impressed, stating he doesn't like vigilantes. The story moves on from there and I'll tell a bit more in the next couple of posts. One of the things I really liked about the tale was the voice-over narration told in the form of a sort of mental letter from Bruce to his dad. It's probably more insight into Bruce Wayne's thinking than I've seen in virtually any other Batman story, which is saying something. The action figure was made using a Green Lantern 3 3/4" Infinite Universe Green Lantern for the body and the head from a Batman. I cut the cape from T-shirt material, which is my favorite material for making capes.

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