Thursday, July 14, 2011

DC Villain - Star-Man

Star-Man first came into conflict with Batman and Robin when he tried to rob a museum in Detective Comics #286, December 1960. The dynamic duo soon became aware that Star-man had fantastic strength when the star on his forehead glowed. Turns out the belt he was after had been sold to a curio shop which had in turn sold it to Kathy Kane, secretly Batwoman. When she put on the belt she also acquired amazing strength, but when she came close to Star-Man he lost his super strength and she was frozen in place. She was also finding that when she removed the belt she was terribly weakened and that continued use might kill her. As it turned out, according to Tibetan legend, if the belt and star were combined with a buckle the star fit in it would endow the wearer with more amazing powers, including immortality. In a final confrontation Star-Man is immobilized and Batwoman is cured by combining the three elements of the belt. Then the bat team decided the best thing was to throw Star-Man in jail and destroy the belt - they were so self-sacrificing during that period. As for the Star-Man figure, I used a variety of parts, including the body from a Toy Biz Trevor Fitzroy, the arms from a Captain America, the legs from a figure I can't remember and the head from one of the Visionary figures. Love that spare parts box.

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