Saturday, March 3, 2012


This is my second installment in the Atlas Comics posts. Scorpion was a character I wasn't sure what to make of. I never got the first issue but in the second, which seemed to be set in the 1930's or 40's he's a sort of Dominque Fortune (Marvel Comics character set in the same time period) named Moro Frost who takes on private detective sorts of jobs that interest him. In issue three Moro dies during World War II, shot from the sky and crashing in the first three panels. But Scorpion survives as a new guy, David Harper, and there's a little note that says maybe we'll find out all about it in a future issue (Scorpion didn't get past that third one - more's the pity). David is a newspaper man and a costumed adventurer by night who's approached by a blond girl named Sara who's Rabbi father has been kidnapped by Nazis led by a masked figure calling himself the Golden Fuhrer (actually I know a blond Jewish girl named Sara, but her father's not a Rabbi). The Fuhrer knows the Rabbi has special gifts and wants him to raise his dead soldiers. Instead the Rabbi raises a Golem who starts kicking Nazi butt, and tussles with Scorpion along the way. The figure is a combination of a Toy Biz Daredevil body, Silver Surfer head and legs and the arms from a Spider-Man. The objects on his wrists are cable shooters and came from my parts box.

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