Friday, April 23, 2010

Golden Age Action Figures - Alandra

In one of my earlier posts I mentioned that it was not uncommon during the Golden Age for publishing houses to farm out their comics stories and art to creative houses, for example the Eisner/Iger Studio. Today's featured figure is an example of this. I had discovered the cover to Fox Features Syndicate Blue Beetle comic #10 and discovered Blue Beetle himself beating a baddie into submission, apparently rescuing the curvy blond in the red dress tied to a rack. The thing that caught my eye was the sultry brunette in gold lame' pointing a gun at the Beetle's back. Then I discovered a little text box in the upper right hand corner beneath the DEC, 10c, which read, "Alandra the temptress sneaked up behind him - would the Blue Beetle turn in time?" Well, that certainly conjured a lot of images and I was really intrigued to learn more about the sultry Alandra the temptress, so I set off on a search to find Blue Beetle #10. Since most Golden Age comics are really expensive I looked elsewhere and eventually found a site that sold comics on CD and - low and behold - they had the issue in question. I bought the CD and when it arrived I immediately opened it to Blue Beetle #10 and breathlessly, with palm sweating, started reading the Blue Beetle stories searching for the alluring Alandra - yeah, I know, I don't get out much. Well what do you think I discovered?? No Alandra!!! She's not in the book anywhere!! I felt like a grounded flounder, hooked, reeled in and lying gasping out my last on the hot dry dock planks. But I had already done the custom figure and she was pretty interesting so what the heck. The Alandra figure was made using a Toy Biz Dagger figure, with some gold material I had from another project for the outfit. The Blue Beetle figure is a little different than the one I presented with the Sparky figure in my lame sick-kick name blog arc, this one with red gauntlets and belt instead of yellow and a different belt buckle - again the costumes during this period did change a bit over time. He was still made from a Hasbro Superpowers Collection Aquaman and the head from a Toy Biz Daredevil figure. Ah, Alandra, the beautiful betrayer, seduced another unsuspecting victim.

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