Sunday, April 4, 2010

Golden Age Heroes - The Shield

I'm back to my patriotic superhero theme and what better one to highlight than the very first flag-waving super guy, the Shield. The Shield was originally published by MLJ (which subsequently became Archie Comics) in January 1940, predating the much better known Captain America, who didn't come along until early 1941. The Shield appeared first in Pep Comics and was revealed to be Joe Higgins, who's father was killed by the Nazis who wanted his formula for a chemical formula that would give people super-strength. Joe continues his dad's work and perfects the formula, which he applies to various parts of his body; i.e., Sacrum, Heart, Innervation (nerves), Eyes, Lungs, Derma (skin) - and what's that spell?? SHIELD, silly. Joe goes to work for the FBI but only the boss, J. Edgar himself, knows that Joe and the Shield are one and the same. He later had a kid side-kick named Dusty, about whom more in a later post. Ultimately the Shield was ousted not by Nazis or super villains but by a red headed guy named Archie, who basically ruled the comic company and gave it his name. The Shield was revived a few times, both by his parent company but also by DC Comics under license. My Shield figure was made from a Super-powers Collection Green Lantern, which I repainted. Not only did I have stars to contend with in this one, the stripes were also a bit of a pain but overall I think it came out rather well, if I'm the only one who says so.

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