Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Golden Age Action Figures - Death & the Devil

Yesterday I featured Yarko the magician and spoke of how powerful he was. Today I thought I would present a couple of his villains just to show the range of his power. In one of his stories a dark man, the personification of Death, joins forces with the devil to battle Yarko and in the end of the story he defeats them. Not too shabby. Yarko gestures and sends the Devil back to his own realm, but he admits to Death that he has no power over the Dark Man. He does, however, vow to do all in his power to save men from the clutches of Death. Death only laugh and says that he eventually always wins, then disappears. The Devil figure was made from a Spider-Man 2099 and the head from a Jurassic Park Muldoon II. The Death figure was made from a Toy Biz Joker figure and the head from a Toy Biz Superman, with the top hat from a Swamp Thing Dr. Deemo figure. I sculpted the dark glasses from epoxy putty and the cloak from red T-shirt material.
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