Friday, April 16, 2010

Golden Age Heroes - Nightmare and Sleepy

As part of my lame side-kick names I present the dashing duo of Nightmare and Sleepy. Sleepy alongside a character called Nightmare?? How about Nightmare and Creepy?? Anyway, they are in reality Bob White, who's a professional wrestler, and his young pal Terry Wake. Bob makes Terry his manager in order to, "... keep me outta the hands of phony promoters!" as he says in one of their adventures. Maybe he should have gotten involved with one of those promoters because when the story opens they're arriving in town for a match on the train. Later we see Bob wrestling a bruiser who's dressed in traditional wrestling attire of trunks and shoes while Bob is still in his business suit, which is rather strange. But not as strange as the costumes Terry comes up with so they can attend the winners ball, which turn out to be their Nightmare and Sleepy costumes. At any rate, when the town is threatened they put on the costumes and fight crime in their new disguises. I'm sure the bad guys were quaking in their boots when Sleepy called out his name. Neither of them have any actualy super powers but they're both pretty tough customers and Nightmare seems to have a knack for problem solving. Anyway, this pair fought crime in Clue Comics by Hillman Periodicals, Inc. for about 15 episodes before disappearing altogether - and I'm not aware of revivals. Nightmare started in the fright mask and glowing skeletal costume in the center of the picture but later adopted a more traditional superhero type costume shown at right. Sleepy's costume changed a little bit later and he lost the cape, but I rather liked the one depicted here. As for the action figures - Sleepy was made from the body of a Mattel Secret Wars Magneto and the head of a Toy Biz Robin. Nightmare's fright costume was made using the body of a Toy Biz Silver Surfer, coupled with a skull I found somewhere and fitted to the figure. The more traditional Nightmare was made from a Toy Biz Daredevil, to which I added more prominent horns than old horn-head possessed.
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