Friday, April 2, 2010

Golden Age Custom Action Figure - Man of War

Another patriotic action figure, this time from the the Golden Age publisher Centaur. Actually if you look at the powers of many of the various superheroes down through the long history of the genre, this guy is probably one of the most powerful ever. Created my the god Mars, he possessed all of the powers of all of the gods of Olympus, plus he was given the sword of Mars which could cut through anything. Mars had created him to serve the Nazis, who Mars admired, but then the God of War screwed up and made him appear in Dayton, Ohio of all places, so he ended up serving the allies rather than the bad guys. Originally appearing in Liberty Scouts #2, he later had his own short lived comic before going the way of the pagan gods who inspired him. The character was revived in the early 1990s by Malibu Comics for their short-lived Protectors series and most recently by Dynamite for their Project Superpowers. The action figure was created from a Captain America figure, repainted and with a sword hung at his side. More painted stars, but I'm especially proud of the eagle on his chest which was done freehand.

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