Sunday, April 18, 2010

Golden Age Superheroes - Lone Warrior $ Dicky

Maybe the conclusion I'm reaching here is that most of these sick-kicks had lame names. After all, even Robin, the Boy Wonder was a little lame to partner with the dark knight. Anyway, today's offering is from Ace Publications, featuring their characters Lone Warrior and his side-kick Dicky. These were in reality brothers, Stan and Dicky Carter. Their father, billed as the "world's greatest scientist," had whipped up a "Power Elixir" before he died and inoculated his two sons with it - sure, why try it on a lab rat when you can give it to your two sons. Anyway, it all turned out OK because the elixir gave Stan and Dicky super strength and super speed (and a "W" shaped mark on their chests), so of course Stan adopted the superhero moniker of Lone Warrior and Dicky took on the secret identity of - well - Dicky. And I'm not quite sure what was up with the Lone Warrior name if he had a sick-kick to start with. In the opening story Stan joins the army as Private Carter while Dicky is part of a boys camp where he's dressed like an Eagle Scout. They also have a "Wonder Ship," also invented by their father to aid his sons in their battle against evil, which is alternately a car, an airplane and an armored tank - he really was a great scientist!! Anyway, they only appeared in three issues of Banner Comics and one issue of Captain Courageous Comics before disappearing into superhero limbo. I am not aware of any revivals. The Lone Warrior action figure was made from the body and arms of a Toy Biz Silver Surfer figure, while the arms were from a Toy Biz Captain America and the head from a JLA Superman figure. Dicky was made from a Happy Meal Spider-Man figure and the head from a Jurassic Park Tim Murphy II figure. The shields on their belts were made from pieces of paper and glued to the figures.
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