Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Golden Age Heroes - The Fighting Yank

This time around we have the haunted superhero - the Fighting Yank. Bruce Carter III discovers the cloak belonging to his colonial-era ancestor Bruce Carter the numero uno. He also discovers the cloak has magical properties which endow him with super strength and invulnerability. Plus, whenever he gets into a really bad jam the ghost of his ancestor steps in and helps him out of it. Personally I think every invulnerable superhero should have a ghost looking out for them. I've read a number of Fighting Yank stories and the ghost shows up virtually every time to bail him out. Maybe he would have done better if the ghost wasn't around and he actually had to do it all himself like most of the other superheroes of the era. Anyway, Fighting Yank was actually a very popular appearing in Startling Comics and America's Best Comics as well as 29 issues of his own comic, altogether running from 1941 until 1949, published by the Standard/Better/Nedor group. The biggest challenge to doing the figure was the hat and the flag. I used a Daredevil body with the arms from a Bruce Wayne figure and a Superman head. The hat I sculpted from epoxy putty and the first one didn't come out very good so I demolished it and started over. The second one came out better. The flag was just a painting job, but very tedious. He had a number of variations of costume including some without the flag, puffy sleeves or skin-tight and that sort of thing. I rather liked this version the best.

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