Thursday, April 29, 2010

Golden Age action Figures - Dynamic Man & Dynamic Boy

Great scientists in their respective fields are disappearing and Professor Moore realizes there are evil forces at work in the world and decides to create an artificial man who has, "The power of steel, the speed of an eagle and the wisdom of the sages." Just as the good professor is about the throw the switch to "Inject the spark of life" into his artificial creation, a black bat flies through the open window and transforms into the evil being known as - are you ready for it - the Yellow Spot!! Just as the Yellow Spot plunges a knife into the professor's chest, he manages to throw the switch and next moment the artificial man named Dynamic Man appears shouting, "Death to the dealers of death!" and the Yellow Spot flees. Dynamic Man later tracks down the Yellow Spot and beards the villain in his lair, dispatching his minions, undoing his evil and finally snapping his little bat's neck, saying, "...the Yellow Spot is rubbed from the world." Sort of like getting the urine stain out of the carpet. Dynamic Man eventually takes on the secret identity of Bert McQuade, a high school coach, and suddenly has a brother named Ricky, or Dynamic Boy, to assist him in his evil-fighting tasks. Some commentators have attempted to rationalize the brother's appearance but I prefer to think someone thought it was a good story idea to give him a brother. Dynamic Man actually had a pretty good run of about 20 issues of Dynamic Comics, published by Harry "A" Chesler between 1941 and 1948. As for the action figures, Dynamic Man was made from a Toy Biz Cloak figure with the head from an Avengers Henry Pym, while Dynamic Boy was made using a Mattel Secret Wars Spider-Man figure and the head from a Batman and Robin movie Robin figure. The cape was cut from red T-shirt material the the clasp is a brass nail.
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