Monday, April 26, 2010

Golden Age Action Figures - Yarko

To date I've mostly been featuring superheroes or super villains as action figure projects from the Golden Age. However, there were a number of other different types of characters in Golden Age comics. These included, but were mot limited to, magicians, detectives, old western heroes and various jungle characters. Many of the magicians may have been inspired by Chandu the Magician who had a radio show and was featured on film, or Mandrake the Magician, who, along with the better known Phantom, was created by Lee Falk and first appeared in 1934. Today I'm featuring one of the magician characters from Fox Features Syndicate - a publisher I've reported on in a couple of earlier blog entries. This one is Yarko the Great, Master of Magic, and a master he was. This guy practiced "real" magic - he could levitate, walk through fire and on water, become invisible, teleport, shrink, divert bullets with a mere gesture - virtually anything he willed he could do. However, in one story he is blindfolded, which nullifies his abilities, his magic apparently being focused by his eyes. Otherwise he's one of the most powerful characters in the history of comics. The action figure was made from a Superpowers Collection Joker figure with the head from a Bruce Wayne. The turban was made from Sculpy modeling clay - since its heat cured and I don't want to put plastic figures in the over I use a blow dryer, which works pretty well. The bow tie was from a Christmas decorative small plastic ribbon bow.
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